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High quality international service can only be guaranteed when local country expertise is combined with international thinking. 


We run our own operative facilities in:


  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Ukraine


With our country specific expertise and our team of 18 internationally experienced market researchers, we offer high-quality services such as CATI, Face-2-Face interviews and qualitative research for B2B and B2C surveys. 

Desk Research & Market Analysis

Desk research and market analysis is often the first step to enter a new market. Our team of market analytics is conducting desk research for your needs all over Europe! Specialized in industrial goods, agriculture and raw material markets we have conducted work in more than 12 countries for a variety of international customers. 


We have access to high quality sources up to government level and combine this with our thorough market expertise for your business advantage.


We offer the full range of CATI services in Russia, Germany and the CIS. Equipped with state of the art software and telephone technology, we deliver high quality work with a quick turn around.


All our 60 CATI stations are equipped with broad-band internet connection. This enables us to use any data collection platform in the world, and thus also yours.


Why don’t you visit us in our interviewing center? We would be happy to show you around.


For some research projects face-2-face is still the most suitable methodology. Especially if it comes to social research in countries such as Russia or the CIS. With our experienced and thoroughly monitored field team, we conduct country wide face-2-face surveys. With one of the highest call-back rate for quality checks we assure that you get accurate data and results.

Qualitative Research

Successful qualitative research requires intense know-how and experience. Cultural specific aspects need to be taken into account to conduct international qualitative research.


  • Focus group planning, recruiting and moderation
  • In-depth interviewing for B2C, B2B and executive level

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Local Team

Our international project managers are located in Moscow, Kiev and Munich. 

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